Sunday, August 29, 2010

How To! A fun tween party idea!

I have seen a lot of cute How To blogs recently.  I decided to add a few things that can be done easily - even without an embroidery machine!  This project is an appliqued initial shirt - that your party goers can then decorate themselves! The pictures you will see here do have the applique done by a machine.  BUT I will explain how easily you can do them without even a sewing machine!

What you will need to make this super fun t-shirt:
* blank non-pocket tees.  (I got mine at Hobby Lobby. Their standard pricing is $2.99 per shirt, but you can find sales for 50% off - which I found for this party! So overall, the shirts cost $6.)
* scrap fabric.  You will need about 5-6" square scraps of fabric per shirt. (I used different fabrics for each top.)
* thread - if you will be using a sewing machine or embroidery machine
* stitch witch or fabric glue - if you will not be using a machine
* t-shirt paints (I purchased 12 paints for $12.)
* warm iron if you are using stitch witch.
* cardboard t-shirt forms (this is optional, but I highly recommend it. They are $.99 at Hobby Lobby.)

For machine embroidery: You will load your applique letters onto your machine.  Stitch the outline.  Place ironed fabric over outline and stitch your base stitch.  Remove your embroidery frame. Trim fabric around the stitching.  Replace your embroidery frame and stitch around your appliqued letter.

For sewing machine: You will need to trim your fabric before pinning it to your t-shirt.  Create whichever letter you are wanting to applique.  Pin it to your fabric and use a zig zag stitch to go around the edges of your letter.

Without a machine: Start with your scrap of fabric.  Trim it into the letter design you would like.  If you are using fabric glue, put a light layer spread evenly across the back of the letter. Place gently onto your t-shirt and firmly rub into place.  Allow glue to dry.  If you are using stitch witch, you will place it on the back of the letter, center your letter onto your t-shirt and then using your iron, you will iron your letter into place.

Here is an idea of what you will have:
Now - if you have used fabric glue or stitch witch, you may prefer to outline your letter with fabric paints.

Next, give each of the girls a t-shirt and cardboard form.  Place the shirt on the cardboard form, and allow girls to decorate with fabric paints.

Let shirts dry overnight, and you will have this as a finished product!

A great party favor that doesn't contain sugar! And one they can keep as a memory of a fun night!

(If you prefer to purchase the t-shirts with the appliques, I do have them available in my store. They are sold for $8/each or $20 for 4. Go here to purchase.)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Until recently, I had been running my giveaways through Facebook. I recently found out that it is against the Facebook rules to do so. (???)  SO! I am going to be using the blog again to continue my giveaways!! :) What better way to start it back off, than to do a giveaway. :)

Here are the rules: 
*Comment here for one entry.
*Fan me on Facebook here and leave a comment that you are a fan. (If you are already a fan, that counts, too!)  - counts as one entry.
*EVERY item purchased between today and August 31st counts as FIVE entries. 
*For every friend you refer to my store that makes a purchase you will receive FIVE entries. (They MUST tell me you referred them.)

NOW! What will you win?!  It will be YOUR choice between a custom hoodie, a custom earflap hat, and a custom set of wall letters! (The item will be created to your specifications - choice of wording, colors, design, etc...)

Drawing will be held on September 1st at 10:00 am CST.  GOOD LUCK! :)